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Zimbali Pools Zimbali Coastal Resort is an awe-inspiring 700-hectare Coastal Resort situated on a unspoiled stretch of KwaZulu-Natal's Dolphin Coast. This Zulu name is fitting of the area meaning "valley of flowers". It is a place of vast beauty, enriched with lush vegetation and an abundance of indigenous wildlife. Zimbali's architectural features are inspired by an Indonesian influence. Homes located within the estate are innovative in that they represent carefully considered reinterpretations of strict architectural guidelines. The generously proportioned homes use spatial arrangements and local materials in interesting ways, expertly weaving them into the fabric of the architectural style. This regal estate offers residents and guests an exceptional quality of life within a untouched natural environment. Zimbali Costal Resort is located 45km north of Durban and within close proximity to all modern amenities, making it perfectly positioned to experience the unrivaled magnificence of the KwaZulu-Natal province.

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    First impressions count, and the lavishness of this reserve is reflected in its eight different vegetation types ranging from pioneer dune grass through to towering dune forest. All this provides a secure home to no fewer than eight mammals and 220 bird species as well as countless butterflies and insects – all of which are vital to the sustainability of this sensitive ecosystem.

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    Zimbali is one of the last remaining areas of natural coastal forest in South Africa, thus a strict conservation policy was implemented to harness the heritage of this area. Zimbali has acted as a conservancy for the re-establishment of many threatened indigenous species. This gradual recovery and rehabilitation of the forest flora is also envisaged for the recently launched new residential section phase because this development has a long view in mind – that of a heritage to be passed on to successive generations.

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    Security is one of Zimbali's most important aspects. There are no unpleasant security gates enclosing homes, no intrusive walling, no ever-present neighbourhood watch signs and no watchdogs to assault the silence or hound the joggers with their frantic barking. Instead both the Coastal Forest and Golf Estate are monitored by the most advanced systems available. The entire perimeter is monitored by a combination of surveillance technology, all linked to a central control room. Security walling and fencing encloses the entire domain and access is via two security entrances which are manned 24 hours a day, through which all vehicle access is controlled. There are also monitored turnstiles so residents and hotel guests have secure access to the unblemished beach areas.

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    The most engaging quality of Zimbali's homes is the sense of unwavering duality. They are distinctly vernacular, yet equally global. Exciting, yet soothing they will always occupy a top-spot on a list of the world's most desirable addresses.

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